Playing sports at home

Playing Sports at Home Is Possible

After so many days without going out, the body begins to ask us for movement. Not everything was going to be lying on the sofa watching series and movies. We show you that sport at home is possible. Put on the trainers and take a mat, what do we start! #Are we still connected.

Gaining weight and losing shape becomes one of our enemies in these weeks of confinement. However, physical activity is not only limited to showing muscle and being thin but doing sports at home will also help you free your mind and boost endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness.

Playing sports at home

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the General Council of Physical and Sports Education jointly launched the #YoMeMuevoEnCasa campaign. With a very simple objective: to remember the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and help us achieve it. Under this initiative, many coaches and platforms are facilitating online classes.

Turn on the Television and Move

#SeguimosConectados ‘ is the new Movistar App available on your Movistar television, which offers daily content on entertainment and sports for Movistar Fusión users. Among these contents, there is a wide range of proposals that range from yoga classes to training for runners with Chema Martínez.

If you want to start doing yoga and meditation, within the section “Don’t stop taking care of yourself” you can find these exercises. All are geared towards stretching the joints and strengthening the body, as well as performing exercises to control breathing to reduce tension and anxiety. Most, with low impact, allow the possibility of doing them regardless of your age (and if it is with the family, even more fun).

Youtube, the pioneering channel

This social network was the first that brought us professionally-led training to our homes. Patry Jordan’s Gym Virtual is one of the world’s best-known fitness channels, with nearly 8 million subscribers. His videos feature exercises for different parts of the body and different levels of difficulty.

The channel Sergio Peinado has 2.5 million subscribers house and he shares exercise routines for several years. So no matter how long the quarantine lasts, you have plenty of material to do sports at home.

Instagram, the most active

Both personal trainers and those who want to train, we know that Instagram is the fashion application. Therefore, it is where we can find more activities during these days.

Miguel Lordan, personal trainer of Macarena García and Lydia Bosch, shares exercises and routines in his profile from his own home. A task that is also being done by the runner Chema Martinez, who every day goes up a different training.

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