University Careers

What Are the University Careers with the Most Career Opportunities?

As expected, the branch of technology and Engineering stands out in this list, although some of the Letters are also located. The health sciences, however, do not appear, although they are studies with a very high job placement rate. We have all asked ourselves this question once. Especially if you are at the moment of choosing what to train to face your future work.

University Careers

In this article, we answer you according to the studies of various job portals and Human Resources consultants, which Training Online EU collects. In addition, we also provide several keys so that, whatever decision you make, you are aware of the areas where it is easier to obtain a job.


According to this report, the degree of ADE (Business Administration and Management) is the one with the most job openings. About 4.5% of the job offers on the web would correspond to this career, a percentage that increases to 7.3% when the required requirement is a university degree. For years, it occupies the first positions for its great diversity of knowledge and practical applications.

Computer Engineering

It is followed by Computer Engineering, a training that in the midst of the technology age does not stop growing. Contrary to what may be thought, Artificial Intelligence does not succeed in unseating humans in automated processes, and its presence today means collaboration rather than replacement, in most cases. Not surprisingly, 3.5% of the advertised offers are looking for people with this training, which amounts to 5.5% in the offers for graduates.

Industrial Engineering

Nearby we have Industrial Engineering, some higher studies that have also been leading the lists of the careers with the most career opportunities for many years. Precisely for the same reason as ADE: the diversity of its training and its applications. Receive 3.5% of global job offers and 5.4% of those specific to university students.

Commerce and Marketing

The fourth position is occupied by the career of Commerce and Marketing, two closely related disciplines that are quite transversal in any project and company. Often, they are confused with the area of ​​communication and it is not always easy to distinguish the plot of each one. The massive use of the Internet and social networks have caused a change in the way of understanding marketing, so much so that digital marketing is already spoken of not as a section only within it, but as its own entity. In fact, there are already centres that offer specific degrees with the last name online.

Psychology and Pedagogy

The fifth place is for Psychology and Pedagogy. Although they are not the same, they are grouped in the same category as a field in which professionals help other people to face their problems, or to learn and develop certain skills.

ADE and Law

We find ADE’s career again on this list; this time in sixth place. The double degree in Business Administration and Law is one of the most requested in job offers due to the breadth of knowledge in which it forms.

Telecommunications Engineering

Telecommunications Engineering is another professional careers with more outlets now and for several years now. As technology advances, Internet connections are becoming increasingly important in the lives of everyone, of citizens, and also of organizations. Therefore, this is a profile that is requested and that, with probability, will continue to grow, as long as the machines (IA) do not perform their functions automatically. As of today, it is the seventh of the university careers with the most career opportunities.

Labor Relations and Human Resources

Labor Relations and Human Resources form for a very specific area within companies. Precisely, this concretion and specialization help make it a career with many job opportunities.


It is no surprise that the university degree in Economics appears. As with other degrees in the Social Sciences, such as ADE, it has a general character, which allows students to know a wide variety of possibilities in which to make their way. Economic knowledge and training are always a safe option for many jobs.

Industrial Electronic and Automatic Engineering

This ranking closes the degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering, which, although quite similar to the aforementioned Industrial Engineering, as a speciality of it, represents a considerable amount in job offers. The STEM area continues to grow.

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