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Pay Medical Bills Online – PerYourHealth Portal

PerYourHealth provides payment services for medical professionals. You can make your payment quickly and easily using their service. By visiting portal, you can quickly complete and pay your Medical Bills Online at PerYourHealth Portal is an online bill payment portal that allows you to pay all your hospital bills online.

peryourhealth site

You can complete your Medical Bill payment online at via internet banking, credit card, debit card and also you can pay with your phone by calling the PerYourHealth payment facility number. In this article, you are going to learn how to Pay Your Medical Bills Online – PerYourHealth Portal, also we shall be showing you how to sign up PerYourHealth Account.

To register yourself at, you need to pay the bill first using the PerYourHealth website. Before you access PerYourHealth Portal, please makes sure that your device is connected to the internet: Account Registration

  •  Launch your browser and visit the peryourhealth Portal at
  • Next, type in the account number available on your bill statement
  • Then, Click on the register option to create an account to proceed
  • On the next page, Enter your requested details such as name, email id, contact information, etc
  • Once done, confirm the terms and conditions of the portal and click on the register button.

How To Pay Medical Bills Online – Portal

You can make payment at PerYourHealth portal with the following details:

PerYourHealth – Online bill payment at Portal. To make a bill payment through PerYourHealth, make sure that you have a valid email ID, accurate bill statement from a health provider who accepts the services from PerYourHealth. Then follow the step guide below:

  • Open your browser and log on to
  • On the homepage, type in your registered user ID and correct password if only you are a registered user
  • If If you don’t have a register user ID enter the account number available on your bill statement
  • Next, enter your valid email address to get the payment statement as an email
  • Then, select the options you want to choose to make a payment like banking, credit card or debit card
  • Enter the details related to your payment method and confirm the payment
  • Once done, confirm the payment. You will receive a payment statement in the mail provided above.

PerYourHealth – Bill Payment Via Phone

To make a payment on the phone, make sure that your health care provider is registered with PerYourHealth and accepts its services.

  • Then Call the PerYourHealth phone bill payment services at 888-442-8447
  • Provide the account number on your bill statement to continue the process.
  • Next, provide the payment related details such as mode of payment either by card or banking.
  • Once you provide all the details, you will get a mail or SMS regarding the transaction details.

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