everything that rises must dance



everything that rises must dance 


A dance-theatre piece about female friendships, devised by Sasha Milavic Davies and Lucy Railton.

This first outing at Resolutions 2016 is the start of a project that will expand to large scale performances for 50 - 200 women.


For Sasha Milavic Davies and Lucy Railton, it’s women’s gestures that actually form the choreography. Each movement in Everything That Rises Must Dance is forged from something they have seen women do. The results are often astonishingly touching – the hand cupping the chin, the fingers brushing the cheek, the elbow folded beneath the head in a quiet repose. The simple patting of a chest or the stretching of an arm becomes part of an elaborate pattern. Intricate, engrossing and beautiful, only the inexplicable decision to begin and end in darkness mars an outstanding piece. This is pure dance, making everyday actions profoundly communicative.

                        Sarah Crompton

Manipulation is also alive in tonight’s second piece. Mimicking movements made by women spotted across London, Sasha Milavic Davies and Lucy Railton compose an ode to the everyday, their work taking organic actions to build a compelling piece that is at once meditative and mechanical. The framing of this piece is significant. Everything That Rises Must Dance is book-ended by near-darkness, where all that can be seen of the assembled dancers is the occasional flash of bright clothing. The filling is a sophisticated mime that illuminates and makes art out of our most meaningful yet disposable moments.

                                                                                                    Amelia Forsbrook

photo by Severin Matusek